About Us


It is the goal of Charter Adjustments LLC to provide to the lending public an ethical and resourceful organization. We hold that the greatest compliment that any client can say about our organization is “We trust Charter”. Trust is earned; it is Charter’s mission to provide an environment of trust for our clients to know that any matter referred to us large or small will be handled ethically and with the professionalism that is representative of those clients that we represent.

A Letter From Our President

Thank you for considering Charter Adjustments LLC for your loss recovery needs. It is my pleasure and that of our staff to provide your company with the best possible recovery services at the lowest possible rates. Charter Adjustments LLC has been built on over 35 years of credit, collection and finance industry experience.

Our team of collectors and field agents is one of the finest in the industry. Charter is a proud member of the Commercial Collection Agency Association. All attorneys used by Charter are licensed and bonded in the United States and Canada. Our field agents are also licensed and bonded each carrying a one million dollar bond. In using Charter and its representatives, you can feel secure that you are getting not only the most competitive fees, but also the most competent personnel that the industry has to offer.

It is Charter’s objective to see to it that our company is successful in complementing the credit departments of all the clients we represent. All parts of the recovery process are significant, from the collector that works to resolve your recovery needs, to the field agents, or attorneys that handle the more formal actions when necessary. Our company is an extension of our client’s credit department and as such I demand the highest standard of professionalism among all our employees and representatives.
Charter Adjustments LLC utilizes the latest in modern technology; from our network computer system and state of the art skip-tracing devices to our on-line services and client recovery information. I feel modern technology coupled with our experienced professional staff make our agency one of the finest in the industry. I personally have an open door policy and am available to speak with our clients any time the need should arise.On behalf of all our staff, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you. I hope that you will consider Charter Adjustments LLC to assist you with all of your recovery needs.

Sherri Gabel, President